An exclusively private property boasting a championship-calibre golf course and facilities, Golf Griffon des Sources was struggling for answers in the wake of nearly a decade of unfruitful efforts. Oversaturated and highly complacent, the golf market has been steadily racing to the bottom and, having launched their concept at the precipice of this decline, Golf Griffon des Sources found themselves stuck in the mud.

Following rigorous market surveying, analysis and internal assessment, we determined to maintain a 'luxury' stance while creating an entirely unique identity in order to boldly differentiate from the balance of market. While others would continue to play down to respond to tightening wallets, Golf Griffon des Sources would play up and speak to the imagination and pride of a limited and highly specific clientele.


At its core, we worked to ensure that Golf Griffon des Sources offered an experience unlike that of any other golf club, and in that pursuit developed a unique right-of-access structure designed to convert our target audience while remaining true to the club's vision and satisfying its bottom line.

In tandem with and to communicate this one-of-a-kind new model, we forged a compelling brand identity and captivating narrative. Grounded in strong values and promoting pure serenity, Golf Griffon des Sources would extend invitations to a select community of likeminded individuals to stand as 'Key-Holders'granted the power to unlock the priceless treasures within, and entrusted to uphold our mission as Guardians of the Good.

Nestled among lush greenery and natural springs, the legendary Griffon stands guard over the idyllic beauty and tranquility of its pastoral home in the Lower Laurentians. Offering select guests a truly exceptional experience, Golf Griffon des Sources champions good golf, good causes and good living.

To maintain and further the club's cachetso vital to our strategywe decided on a highly personalised sales & marketing approach. Inspired by the majesty of the emblematic Griffon, we designed a stately package to be presented exclusively to prospective Key-Holders and partners.

Composed of a visually-charged brochure, luxurious letterpress stationery and custom envelope with wax seal, it conveys the necessary confidence and opulence to reflect and advance the Golf Griffon des Sources brand.


Boasting a proud and pioneering new identity and structure, Golf Griffon des Sources is equipped with a solid foundation by which to uniquely position itself withinand rise abovea cluttered and complacent market. With plans to extend brand presence across new digital and physical assets and to comprehensively overhaul internal processes and culture, we determined and designed an essential roadmap to actualise the club's ambitious vision and fulfill its long overdue promise.