Urban Bonfire

2014 - 2016

Excitedly joined a lifestyle focused startup concept with immense ambition and managed a plethora of responsibilities related to brand/retail development & operations:

  • Category/product research and curated assortment planning/merchandising. 
  • Management of content & private label product development.
  • Conception/direction of website re-development with e-commerce integration.
  • End-to-end inventory, P.O.S. & supply chain/vendor relationship management.
  • Staff/operations management and development of procedural guidelines.
  • Event, sales & customer relationship management.

Integral in developing a mould-breaking brand from ground zero and establishing a business with superb reputation and poised for continued growth and success.

S.A.C. Consultants

2007 - 2013

Fresh out of school, received invaluable tutelage and accelerated formation into a high-level, end-to-end sales & marketing executive:

  • Management of a broad, cross-departmental, multi-million dollar accounts base and 
  • Management of multiple major international brands.
  • Market surveying and strategic analysis, forecasting & execution of sales plans.
  • Development of sophisticated sales analysis & forecasting/distribution modelling engines to manage thousands of seasonal & replenished SKU's across multiple national retail chains.
  • Coordination & execution of product/brand development, cross-departmental program building and cohesive marketing strategy.

From a professional and sustainable approach grounded in numbers, driven by clearly identified opportunities and substantiated by perpetually strong results, successfully elevated accounts base from $2M to $10M in annual sales.

Bachelor of Arts - English Literature & Political Science

Learned how to learn, and how to be successful in a polished environment. Studied interests rather than career objectives, and gained a strong foundation in critical thinking, subjective analysis and creative reasoning.

McGill University

Class of 2007